February 08, 2013


These are not my photos, but I was there and these are better than mine.

Oh yeah that's Nora Jones in the 2nd frame. No one knew she was going to be there and she was awesome.

Also I learned that no one in their early 20s knows who Janeane Garofalo is.


  1. Is that Wil Anderson in the second last photo?!?!?!?!

  2. Okay, I had the same question as Kirsti. This reminds me that I should get out and see more comedy, though.

  3. It is! He's a guest on their podcast a lot. And I guess he also has a podcast...? I should listen to it.

  4. I'm in my mid-20s and I know who Janeane Garafalo is, does that count? Also, how have they not seen Dogma?

  5. They're a little young for Dogma, plus they wouldn't necessarily know the actress' name if they saw it. I know who she is primarily from The Truth About Cats and Dogs.


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