August 13, 2014

That Time I Made Pepperoni Pesto Mini Pizzas...

You guessed right! It's 20sb Cooking Challenge time again!

Today's challenge:

Chopped Appetizer Round
1) Enlist a significant other/roommate/sibling/parents/grumpy cat lady from across the street to put together a “mystery basket” with four ingredients that you MUST use — if they want to shop all ingredients cannot exceed $20 TOTAL (or £10 or €15 depending on your country). They must include a protein and a fruit/veggie.
2) You are allowed to use any “stock” ingredients you have on hand– e.i. herbs, spices, flour, you get the point!
3) You are limited to 30 minutes of TOTAL preparation and plating time!
4) And you should enlist a couple people (see list above) to try what you made! (bonus points for posting comments made about the dish)

So here's the thing. I didn't have anyone to ask to put a mystery basket together for me so I had to cheat. I instead thought up an appetizer that used only four ingredients that I already had on hand. I also forgot if flour counted as an "on hand" ingredient and instead of checking the rules, chose to make it one of my four ingredients. Now that I see that it is, I would add some cheese as the fourth ingredient. I also did not have anyone except myself try them.

BUT. I stuck to the 30 minute time limit, and had they been purchased, they would have been within the $20 limit.

My entry in the contest:  
Pepperoni Pesto Mini Pizzas

Ingredients (serves one):
4 Roma tomato slices
3 Tbsp self-rising flour (this could also be made using salt and baking powder but I already have it)
2 Tbsp Greek yogurt
about 4 tsp pesto
4 Tbsp shredded mozzarella cheese if we don't count the flour

1) Preheat (toaster) oven to 400ºF
1) Combine flour and yogurt in a small bowl. Add a bit more flour if mixture is too sticky.
2) Divide dough into three to four pieces and form into balls. Coat a flat surface and the balls with flour and flatten each ball with your fingers.
3) Put dough on a baking sheet and bake for 2 minutes.
4) Flip crusts, spread pesto, and add pepperoni, tomato, and cheese. If I'd used cheese, I probably would have done pesto-tomato-cheese-pepperoni, but without it, pesto-pepperoni-tomato made most sense to me.
5) Bake for 8-10 minutes and enjoy!

I have to be honest. I'm not sure how I felt about the pepperoni-pesto combo. It was a little strange but I definitely didn't HATE it. But I needed a protein and it was pretty much all I had on hand that wouldn't require defrosting and I felt that it would work well with not making the tomato slices fall off the pizzas.

And also since I was cheating, I wanted to try something that wasn't completely obvious to see how it would turn out. I would definitely make these again with out pepperoni and with some cheese!

August 08, 2014

What Show From My Childhood Would I Bring Back?

So, I didn't have cable until high school. I think my parents thought they were helping but I just watched non-age appropriate sitcoms at an early age because there was nothing in between those and PBS kid shows. Which makes my answer Mad About You because that was my favorite show as a child. But I'd want them to go back to before Paul and Jamie had a baby. The show was more fun in the beginning.


August 04, 2014

That Time I Had A Plastic-Dilemma Bag...

What? You thought that because it's no longer July that I was going to stop saving the world? Ahahahaha. Okay, so with July over I will stop collecting the plastic I do get forced upon me in a bag. But during Plastic Free July, I collected all the plastic that was unavoidable in a "dilemma bag" that I could then go through at the end of the month. I'm gonna be honest. I think I did pretty damn good. And I included stuff that I bought in June. Though to be more honest, some of it I bought on June 30th in anticipation of July. So I included it and felt bad and will no longer buy tortillas and pita bread. 
So there's all the food packaging scrunched together on the left, packaging from online purchases on the right. At the bottom is some more packaging, a candy wrapper from a Flake bar that I didn't know it was possible to get in the US but I found at Wegman's, and then all the yellow stuff is the caps and seals from my milk bottles, a plastic fork and if I'd thought of it, there would be several straws that I either failed-to-ask-to-not-have or were failed-to-not-be-given-to-me. Yes, that was a sentence. It looks like a lot of milk for a month, but half was used to make yogurt, so one little cap replaces a quart-sized plastic tub. That's something right?...

August 01, 2014

That Time That Plastic Free July Was Over...

So I missed a lot of posts this week. So much for Blogging Every Day in July. To make up for it I'm going to start August strong by mostly wrapping up Plastic Free July...