October 19, 2018

That Time I Was All Formal...

Some people love it, some people hate it*. Personally, when we cruise, we love dressing up for formal night! (and every night really.)

I've noticed that people want to know what other people wear....

Here is Carnival's dress code, Royal Caribbean's dress code, and nothing for NCL because they don't do formal night. I'll let you guys google for other cruise lines' dress codes :)

As I head off for my next cruise today, I wanted to start a post with my collection formal night attire, to be updated after each cruise:

And an Electric-White-Hot-Glow Night Photo for good measure.

*Some of these people think they are cool for ignoring the dress code and wearing whatever they want. Yes, the cruise lines will let you get away with this, but it's so rude to the other guests who look forward to being fancy, and then have to see fellow diners in shorts and jeans with holes in them. Please invest in one pair of khakis and a polo shirt.

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