Carnival Restaurant Menus

Dining Room Menus
Carnival has the same menu items fleet-wide. These menus will mostly match the menus for any 7-day sailing. They will give you a very good idea of what to expect on any length sailing. 
Lobster tail is complementary in the dining room only on night two of 6+ night sailings. 

Pride 2/23/2020 
Other Dining Options (click images to enlarge)
Several sitdown and quick service restaurants are located all over every ship in addition to the buffet and room service. 
Many are complimentary, some are a fixed price for the meal, and some are a la carte. No price listed means it's free, unless I indicated otherwise.

Rudi's Seagrill ($38/person, includes gratuity)
Mardi Gras, Celebration, Jubilee

Mardi Gras, Celebration, Jubilee

Piazza Panini
Mardi Gras

Emeril's Bistro 1396 ($)
Mardi Gras, Celebration Jubilee
Emeril's Bistro 1397 ($)

 Shaq's Big Chicken
Celebration, Mardi Gras, Jubilee, Radiance, Sunrise

Carnival Kitchen (Cooking classes) $30 per person per class
Mardi Gras, Celebration, Jubilee

Guys Burger Joint
All Ships

Chef's Table, Mardi Gras 8/10/21 ($75 or $95, varies by ship)
All Ships, Menu and cost vary

Seafood Shack ($)
Breeze, Celebration, Conquest, Dream, Freedom, Glory, Horizon, Liberty, Magic,
Mardi Gras, Panorama, Radiance, Splendor, Sunrise, Valor, Vista

Pasta Bar & Mongolian Wok (Lunch - Sea Days)
Breeze, Horizon, Magic, Panorama, Sunshine, Vista

Pizzeria del Capitano/Pizza Pirate  (Free for counter service, $5 each if delivery)
All ships, only name varies

Red Frog Pub & Brewery ($)

Pig & Anchor Smokehouse Dinner
Mardi Gras, Celebration

Pig & Anchor Smokehouse Dinner($)
Celebration, Horizon, Mardi Gras, Panorama
Pig & Anchor (Lunch - Sea Days)
Breeze, Celebration, Dream, Horizon, Magic,
Mardi Gras, Panorama, Radiance, Sunrise, Vista

Fresh Creations @ Serenity
Horizon, Panorama, Vista, Mardi Gras, Celebration

Sushi at Sea/Bonzai Sushi Express ($)
All ships without Bonzai Sushi

Bonsai Sushi ($)
Breeze, Celebration, Dream, Horizon, Legend, Mardi Gras,
Pride, Radiance, Spirit, Sunrise, Sunshine, Vista

Bonsai Teppanyaki ($38/person)
Celebration, Horizon, Mardi Gras, Panorama
Fahrenheit 555ยบ Steakhouse ($38/person)
Reservations encouraged, go on night one or two and get a free bottle of house wine
Breeze, Celebration, Conquest, Dream, Freedom, Glory,
Horizon, Legend, Liberty, Magic, Miracle, Mardi Gras, Panorama,
Pride, Radiance, Spirit, Splendor, Sunrise, Sunshine, Valor, Vista

Cucina del Capitano (Mardi Gras, Celebration)
Mardi Gras, Celebration

Cucina del Capitano ($)
Breeze, Horizon, Magic, Mardi Gras, Panorama, Sunrise, Sunshine, Vista
Jiji's Asian Kitchen ($)
Horizon, Mardi Gras, Panorama, Sunshine, Vista
Sea Day Brunch
All Ships

Dining Room Breakfast
All ships
Blue Iguana Cantina (taco and burrito stations)
All ships
Blue Iguana Cantina Breakfast (taco and burrito stations)

All ships

Room Service ($ some items all day, all items from 10pm to 6am)
All ships

Kid's Dining Room Menu
All ships

Dr. Seuss Breakfast ($5/ person)
All Ships 

Chef's Table, Inspiration 10/20/18 ($75 or $95, varies by ship), 
All Ships, Menu may vary by ship
The Deli 
All but Celebration and Mardi Gras

Late Night Buffet
All ships, hours vary

Buffet Omelette Station
All ships

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