Carnival Restaurant and Bar Menus

Inspiration 10/19/18 (click to enlarge)
Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, Red Frog Rum Bar

Serenity Drink Menu, Alchemy Bar

Lido Bar

Casino Bar

Coffee Bar, Halloween cocktails

Rock & Roll Nightclub

Piano Bar

Morning Drinks, Pitchers, Sushi at Sea

Dr. Seuss Breakfast, Dining Room Menu (Day 3)

Pizza Pirate, Chef's Table, Omelette Station

Dining Room Menu (Day 1)

Dining Room Menu (Day 2, Formal Night), MDR Wine List, Blue Iguana Cantina Breakfast

Kid's Dining Room Menu

Horizon 9/13/18 (click to enlarge)
Pig & Anchor Smokehouse, Guys Burger Joint, Pasta Bar & Mongolian Wok (Lunch - Sea Days)

Pig & Anchor (Lunch - Sea Days)

Bonsai Sushi, Bonsai Teppanyaki

Seafood Shack, Pizzeria Del Capitano

Cucina del Capitano, Jiji's Asian Kitchen

Sea Day Brunch, Dining Room Breakfast

Dining Room Menus

Fahrenheit 555ยบ Steakhouse, Blue Iguana Cantina

Late Night Buffet, Room Service

Atrium Bar


Pig & Anchor Brewhouse

Plaza Bar

(Not all are available at all bars)

Guys. I took photos of my receipts and got different liquors every time to be able to make this list.. Oh except the rum and tequila, that was from their respective bar're welcome. Will be collecting more in the future!

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  1. Thank you! Very interesting to check them out. Still debating on whether or not to do the drink package or not :)


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