January 31, 2011


This lil guy is housed in the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. Best. Spring. Break. Ever.

I like dinosaurs.

January 29, 2011

Burning Bulbs

I wake up one April morning at 1:30 am, to go to my overnight job, and two of the 5 lights in the apartment had been left on all night.

She would do this from time to time when she; came home, turned on entryway light, went into her room, shutting the door behind her, and eventually went to bed without bothering to walk the 15 feet to turn it off...

January 24, 2011

My Room With A View

January 01, 2011

A camera with no film is kind of like a paperweight

Yesterday I decided to commandeer my dad’s still-working SLR camera. It’s pretty sweet except for one thing: where do you buy film these days? Ok, I'm sure that Wal-mart probably has it but remember the days where you could pick it up anywhere that sells anything? Uni-Mart doesn’t. Giant supermarket doesn’t. My very recent feeling of victory over the $600+ I would otherwise spend on a digital SLR camera was squashed by this revelation.

I’m also not looking forward too out-of-focus and under/over exposed shots that I pay for whether I like it or not but I was fully aware of that when I came up with my plan to use a “Real” camera.
I’ll have to order film in bulk from Amazon to defray the cost of a low-supply product, and maybe I can find an online tutorial. YAY internet!