April 11, 2019

That Time I Went to Freeport, Bahamas...

This was my first visit to Freeport, Bahamas, and we didn’t make it very far. Admittedly, we didn’t try. We considered renting a scooter and scootering to the beach, but when we woke up that sounded a little hard and expensive so we decided to save that plan for next time we’re in Freeport… which will be in a year.
Instead, I thought it would be fun to stay within the inner harbor area and go to Señor Frog’s for lunch. I came up with this plan when I looked out our window and saw that we could practically spit on the Señor Frog’s from our balcony...

Taken from our balcony
We’d been to the Señor Frog’s, in Nassau, on a different cruise and we weren’t all that impressed by the menu - particularly the prices, but I recalled that we really liked the guacamole and that it was a pretty good amount for the price.

We got there around noon and it was already starting to hop. Pun not intended, I swear. I almost want to rewrite that line because it’s kind of so bad. But really, they had the music turned up, all the tables were full, and some kind of employee was starting to work the crowd with music and a squirt bottle of something alcoholic.

A couple got up right as we got there so we got a table right away. I noticed that within 1/2 hour they had a short wait list.

We’d ordered our guac. Our server brought over chips & salsa, told us the guac cart would be coming over soon, and that we could get more chips if needed.
We put quite a hurting on the chips and salsa and did in fact have to get a second bowl to eat all our guac.

A few minutes later Joanne wheeled over the guac cart and asked how we wanted it. We could choose from chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime juice, olive oil, jalapenos... and asked if we wanted it mild or spicy. I’m a rebel so I said medium. And we said we wanted all the ingredients, but light cilantro because I don't like it when it's too strong.
Then she proceeded to make two avocados-worth of guac for us. She handed it over and we dug in hard.
We did need chips. Our guac was delicious and the salsa (didn’t cost extra, and we got more of that when the second batch of chips came out) was also pretty good. Not as good as Chili’s but close.

The guacamole was better.

Husband had a Señor Frog’s beer, which he said was fine, but not worth getting again.
It was also a bit pricey ($6.33), but I guess it was actually local beer, so that's to be expected.

The guac was even more expensive than I remembered at $12.75 (it might have been a bit less two years ago). But we really enjoyed it and the salsa and the chips, and we were quite full once we were done. So we didn't regret our choice at all.
And when we were done, we headed back to the ship, having not actually stepped foot in the ocean on our Bahamas cruise. 

Next time.

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