Carnival Restaurant and Bar Menus

Carnival Bar and Restaurant Menus

Bar (incl coffee) Menus with Prices (best viewed on computer; click to enlarge)
Prices valid as of date indicated


Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, Red Frog Rum Bar

Serenity Drink Menu, Alchemy Bar

Lido Bar

Casino Bar

Coffee Bar, Halloween cocktails

Rock & Roll Nightclub (Inspiration)

Piano Bar

Morning Drinks, Pitchers


Atrium Bar


Pig & Anchor Brewhouse (Celebration, Horizon, Mardi Gras, Panorama)

Plaza Bar (Vista, Horizon, Panorama)

Liquor (when ordering straight or with a mixer)
In addition to the specific lists at the rum, tequila, and whiskey (Pig & Anchor) bars,  I took
photos of my receipts and got different liquors every time to be able to make this list.
Will be collecting more in the future!

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  1. Thank you! Very interesting to check them out. Still debating on whether or not to do the drink package or not :)

  2. All these restaurants sounds so good!

  3. Well, now I'm hungry and want a drink. I so need to go on a cruise one day. I will pig out.

  4. With all of the options on the menu, this place is worth visiting

  5. Great list it's always nice to know what's out there.

  6. When I was a teenager I always wanted to have my own restaurant. Unfortunately, I became a teacher insted, which I regret a lit! I like the coffee bar menu. I'd like to have Irish coffee now! :)

  7. I love that you have the menu options for the Carnival restaurants. I usually go on One Carnival Trip a year so this would be amazing for people who want to see what they can order before they board!

  8. My husband and I discovered the Blue Iguana Cantina on our last cruise and fell in LOVE. We also love the Alchemy Bar and our favorite nighttime activity is the Piano Bar!

  9. So much yummy food and drinks I want to jump into a cruise and enjoy!

  10. There sure are a lot of different options to choose from. I would have to take a second, third, and possibly a fourth cruise to try everything that I would want to try.

  11. all those pretty dishes sound so yummy and make my mouth water.